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Ghost of a tale потерявшийся отряд шпионов

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Ghost of a tale потерявшийся отряд шпионов

Catacombs The enviroment design is non-linear, so there is a multitude of ways to get from one point to the next and multitide of orders in which these urns can be found, so I just picked one at random.

Turn left at the skeleton lying on some ripped, red cloth.

Turn left at the next crossing, to the path which descends downwards. Turn left again and look behind the rocks immediately on the left, in front of the archway with skulls in it.

Последовательные испытания не ограничены одним сезоном, а еженедельные задачи разделены на два типа бесплатные и для владельцев пропуска. Изменения в Сражении с бурей.

The urn is on the platform with some skeletal remains. Continue jumping forwards until you reach the end of the platform room and ascend the stairs.

Кроме того, игроки могут совершать быстрое перемещение к отображающимся на карте платформам C. Единовременно выставить на продажу в торговом автомате можно до 30 отдельных предметов или групп товаров.

Go straight at the next crossing. Just ahead, before the room with 2 worms, will be a skeleton on the ground. You can find the urn right next to him.

Outside of the room on the other side you will find a Red Claw flag and a casket. The urn is right across them. The urn is just at the entrance of The Great Hall, behind some rocks on the left, above the ladder the leads down.

Ignore the stairs and go towards the other exit. The urn is opposite of the archway that leads out of the room, tucked.