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Surviving mars прохождение на русском радио

Опубликовал admin - 28.01.2015 в 04:08
Surviving mars прохождение на русском радио

If you are looking for a building strategy game in which you take care about a living colony and manage to survive in a nice scifi-setting, this game is probably for you to keep you hooked for many hours.

Surviving Mars это игра от компании Paradox Interactive которая выпустила дополнение Green Planet для Прохождение на русском! Основываем первую колонию на Марсе! Не стесняйтесь оставлять свое мнение в комментариях под видео и задавать вопросы! Группа.

I can recommend it and even with the newest content Green Planet it will expand your experience with lots of additional content. The game is not hard to learn, you will quickly grow into building your colony.

Небольшой совет

Очень часто вы могли видеть, чтобы ваша кошка или собака приходили к вам, когда на surviving mars прохождение на русском радио грустно и печально.

Only managing your colonists is not that very well explained. I guarantee your first colony will do very bad until you know the quirks of managing your colonists. For example, colonists have different kinds of occupations scientists, botanists, medical, engineers, security.

In order to maximize your output of rescources, it makes sense to have a scientist in a science lab and a botanist on a farm. So with a very small colony this is managable but as soon as you have more domes where colonists live and work that are not connected to each other, the colonists will dumb down.

They only hardly change their living space in order to work in their specific field so your output quickly stagnates or decreases.

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The building and researching system is pretty easy. Especially the research is very fun. You always want to know what is next, how you can evolve and how to get better.

What is also very great is if you start with a specific theme or "mystery". I really recommend you to start with a "mystery" when you play endless. There are 12 at the moment and each with a very.

Surviving mars прохождение на русском радио